Christopher Gerlings

Mannequin I

Mannequin II

Mannequin III

Look (variations on a theme)


(Custom design for Copenhagen Contemporary Furniture, with detail)

Vigilate et Frigus

Vigilate et Frigus (installation)


Immersed in emptiness.
The mass of other bodies pushed aside
Soft echoing of solitary footsteps.

Alone and unprepared.
No restitution
Mortality of flesh
Is realized.

Hybridation CérébraleHybridation Cérébrale (detail)The Gallery Owner


Title Unknown

Kraig (collaboration with John Babbitt and Tom Stephenson)Ego Adflecto SumEgo Adflecto Sum (installation)The Whore of BabylonDieu Est Dans Ton EspritMomento MoriMomento Mori (detail)Into eternity

Sentinel ISentinel IISentinel IIISolipsisme MétaphysiqueSolipsisme Métaphysique (detail)L'existence est une Vision HallucinéeRejetant la Cognition IncarnéeSentinel IVSentinel VIJaimeVapour IVapour VIIVapour IIVapour IIIVapour VVapour VIVapour VI (detail)Vapour VIIIAl-DajjalIzanami-no-MikotoThe theory
Of infinite lifelessness
Replaced by the certainty
Of infinite abundance.

Museum framed!
Contemporary Figurative Art.
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Solipsisme Métaphysique (installation)
Charcoal on paper mounted on panel
77" x 48" x 1.5"